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At the beginning of the Spring Semester, here at last is our revised Wine List for 2015/16. As many members will have noted in our Christmas Offers, stocks of our own label Claret, Ch. d’Argadens (2007), which is probably at its very best now, are almost exhausted. At the time of writing, about 18 bottles remain, including two unopened six-packs. The Committee has selected a replacement, Ch. Anniche (2014), having tasted several candidates, and we are very pleased with our choice, although as a much younger wine it will, initially at least, be very different. This will be available as soon as the old stock has gone, at the very competitive price of £9.75. You can also pre-order this if you wish.

Members seem to have taken our advice, in our last newsletter, that the prices of our Clarets were now very competitive, as they were purchased before the last VAT increase. Our very popular Friday evening Bar opening, usually hosted by Adam and John Butcher, our Social Secretary, have provided an excellent opportunity to sample these, and the Ch. Cru Cantemerle (2008), now sold out, was particularly appreciated. Others that would repay investigation, apart from the SCR label wine, include the Ch Patache d’Aux (2003) and Ch. Malbat (2009), as well as the Ch. Anniche, when this comes on line. (Friday Bar opening is planned to continue most weeks until the end of Semester.)

We have now held three Italian wine tastings in successive years, each of which has been so popular that we had to close bookings. Several of the most successful wines brought by Ben Robson now feature in the main list, including Sampietrana Salento Rosso (Puglia) from the November tasting. We also plan to offer a further tasting by Pierre Hourlier, who has supplied the Ch. Anniche, later in the Spring Semester. Domaine de l’Horgelus from his last visit would be a good white for Summer drinking.


David Cohen, Stephen Clifford and Adam Stanton

Hon. Wine Stewards

Our current price list and order form can be downloaded here as a PDF document: