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Here is our revised Wine List for this Academic Year. Since we last wrote to Members, the new SCR Claret, Ch. Anniche, has come into stock and been generally welcomed. We also have a different house white, Ch Les Bertrands, chosen at the Autumn 2016 Bordeaux Wine Tasting. A further stock of the 2016 vintage has just been purchased following our September 2017 Tasting with Pierre Hourlier. A few other wines from that tasting feature in this list, mostly in Bin Ends � particularly the unfiltered Marselan from Southern France which was so popular with members last year, despite the relatively high price. Remember you have an excellent chance to try these wines, if you missed the tastings, during the term time Friday evening opening of the bar (5.30 � 7.30) by sharing a bottle with friends. We also of course have a wide range of bottled beers.

For the first time for several years we now have Australian wines available in the Bar, at very competitive prices � another one to try on Fridays perhaps.

We have now held Italian wine tastings in four successive years, in the run up to Christmas, and Ben Robson returns again, by popular demand, on Monday 11th December at 5.30 pm for what is sure to be another evening when places are at a premium � do make sure to book as soon as the selection of wines is announced.

We also have some wines hugely reduced in price at the end of our Bin Ends list � not all of these will be as enjoyable now as we would like, but some will be real bargains � you decide!

David Cohen, Stephen Clifford and Adam Stanton  John Butcher
Hon. Wine StewardsHon. Keeper of the Bar

Our current price list and order form can be downloaded here as a PDF document: