The SCR Rooms

Keele Hall Common Room,  Stephen Clifford, August 2011

The SCR's rooms are on the first floor of Keele Hall. They comprise the Old Common Room, the Breakfast Room, and the recently refurbished SCR Bar. The Old Common Room and the Breakfast Room are open during times when Keele Hall is open, generally 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on weekdays: at other times the rooms will be locked. The access arrangements for the building, after hours, operate by a proximity reader, triggered by the Keele Card. Members may have their existing cards appropriately coded (see below). A key for the Old Common Room itself is available from the SCR Bar for a 2.00 deposit.

If members already have a Keele Card, they may e-mail the Committee the number and the exact way their name appears on the card (i.e. all initials) and the card will be appropriately coded by Commercial IT Services. Within a few days members should then be able to gain access once the Hall is locked by simply showing the card to the reader (reasonably close to) and opening the door when the light goes from red to green.

Retired members without Keele Cards may obtain one by calling at the IT Service Desk in the IC1 Building, where they will be requested to complete an application form. The card will be issued after the application has been checked against the SCR Membership List. As these cards are unique to the user and also provide the opportunity for cashless trading in the other catering and bar facilities on campus they are non returnable and therefore, on application, such members will be asked for a signing up fee of 5.00 payable to the University.

Post 1st August 2016, with the introduction of a new card system, all the SCR members will need to obtain a new Keele card. (Current staff will receive theirs in the ordinary way.)
If members have a card already, please don't get a new one until August.
If members need a new card, perhaps its lost or stopped working, then they will need a new one now, but will still need to get a new one in August as well.

There is a wide screen TV and Freesat box in the Bar, and an old television and Freesat box in the Old Common Room itself.

The SCR used to subscribes to a range of newspapers, available to members in the Common Room. It is with regret that the Committee decided to cancel these subscriptions; due to falling demand in an age when news is readily found from other sources, they had become a disproportionate burden on the SCR's finances. This change was effective from October 2014.

A notice board in the Breakfast Room displays current notices, including bookings of the rooms; members wishing to place personal or other notices on the board should send them to the Secretary, or one of the other Committee members. Notices are generally left for a month. Notices also appear on the SCR website and may be placed there by arrangement with Stephen Clifford.

Booking the Rooms

The rooms of the SCR can be hired by members for functions of an academic nature, or which otherwise reflect to the interest of the SCR or University. Members should consult the Room Bookings Secretary, Stephen Clifford c/o SCR Office, Keele Hall (33954 when the office is open), to discuss costs, availability and the capacity of the rooms.

The SCR is unable to provide catering for events in its rooms, other than in the Bar in Bar opening hours, or any additional furnishings beyond those normally placed in the room. Members booking the rooms for a catered event should give Catering and Events, the University's in house caterers, the first opportunity to quote. The SCR Wine Stewards are of course always happy to provide wines and glasses for members' events, and sale or return terms can be agreed.

Members should note that there may, of course, be other University events in progress at the same time in adjoining rooms. If you wish to use any electrical or other equipment of your own during the booking, this would need to be subject to a safety check by the University, with any cost being borne by yourself.

It is the SCR's working policy that, except in very exceptional circumstances (e.g. Degree Days), the room is not booked out all day on a weekday in semester-time, making the room unavailable for members' use.

Since Easter 2003 the following charges have applied for members:

Use of the Common Room (with or without Breakfast Room) -


Do please lock the Common Room door behind you if you are the last to leave in the evening.