Keele Hall Courtyard, � Stephen Clifford, August 2011



After more than 18 months we have agreed with the University to resume staff lunch service in our Bar from today (5th October). And we hope to start Friday night bar openings on the 15th October.

It was open for walk in lunch service as I wrote, and will go on being so initially Tuesday - Friday only, from 12.

Of course, staff SCR members will remember, with no activities last year, we did not collect subscriptions, but we now need to resume these as we open up again - subscriptions are due by the end of October. Unfortunately, University Payroll is no longer able to collect these for us from salaries, so we must ask you to make new arrangements to pay for your membership. (This DOES NOT AFFECT Retired & Associate members who already pay by standing order each year - we are very grateful to the many of you who chose to let their payments be made as usual a year ago!)

Obviously to operate all our social events and the bar we do need subscriptions in again this year. As staff members will no longer renew automatically on the mandates you've given us, PLEASE sign up in one of the new ways as soon as possible! If you click the PayPal link below you will sign up for an automatically renewing annual subscription (unchanged at 20 Pounds) - and of course you can opt to pay that through a card if you wish. This will renew on the first anniversary of your re-joining this way.

Alternatively existing staff members can renew their subscription by completing the standing order mandate which can be downloaded here , either by returning to your bank or quoting the details to set up your subscription through online banking.

Remember if you don't renew your membership, the additional SCR discount you get when paying with your Keele Cards will no longer apply after the next few weeks.

Your action on this will be greatly appreciated and we look forward to restarting our activities and making the Keele SCR a great place to socialise with staff across the University. If you do have any questions, please email myself (Chris -

If you are joining as a NEW member, please email your Keelecard number to the Membership Secretary, so you can have it coded for the SCR discount: .

What will you get this year for your subs?

Lunch service, initially 4 days a week, Tuesday - Friday, in the SCR Bar, from 5th October

  • Friday night members' Bar opening, resuming 15th October
  • We are currently exploring well-ventilated places to hold this, more details soon.
  • And you will be happy to know that prices remain unchanged in the Bar!

    Evening Lectures in the Common Room
    We plan a wine tasting later this semester subject to agreement with the University, and another in the Spring
    Burns Night Supper on Friday 28th January
    Special theme Bar nights during the year
    Summer Lawn Party
    and more!

    We have had to postpone the new starters buffet until January for now. However, we will be offering new staff a free drink at the bar and another free drink if they sign up, so not a bad deal! If you know any prospective members, please feel free to invite them to the bar or pass on my contact if they have any questions.

    Kind regards
    Chris Adams

    Lawn Party

    Dear SCR members,

    We are going to have to postpone the SCR Keele lawn party as it now is within current lockdown restrictions. We are looking at dates in late summer now (possibly early September).

    We will keep you updated!

    All best,
    Becky Bowler

    Burns Night

    Very regretfully the Committee has decided that, with Keele Hall not yet having, even before the current lockdown, opening for seated meals, January's Burns Night should be cancelled. Even if late on it became possible to put the meal on, we felt that reduced numbers and the absence of singing or processing in the usual way would have made it a different kind of night - we hope to return in January 2022. (We have booked Friday 28th.)

    SCR Office

    The SCR office is situated on the floor immediately above the Bar (Keele Hall Room 74). A PC has been installed with network access to the SCR's University financial systems, and to the database of room bookings. If a member of the Committee is in at lunchtime, this office will be available for use. The internal telephone number is 33954 (01782-733954), with Voicemail facility available, since the office is staffed only when officers are in Keele Hall.

    Note that SCR members receive a 10% discount on lunches served in in the SCR Bar & UCR (in collaboration with Keele Hall Catering) when using a Keelecard. This is in place of the standard staff card discount of 5%.

    Next Events

    Please feel free to send us any ideas you have for social events for the SCR, after Covid. In particular we would like to see more family events that include children. Specific events are co-ordinated by different Committee members, but please contact the Social Secretary, with suggestions. See also Dates for your Diary

    Chess Competition 2018/20

    The SCR is organizing another chess competition, for the very prestigious cup which may be seen behind the bar. If you would like to enter, then please send an email to Chris Wain. It is not necessary to be a player of a very high standard, or even an SCR member! The competition which began in 2015 has now (2018!) been declared closed. Play in the current competition is suspended until we can again access the SCR.

    The draw can be downloaded here.

    Chris Wain

    The draw and results of the 2013/14 Chess Championship of the SCR, concluded in early 2015, appears here.

    Winner 2014: John Staniforth - congratulations to our new Champion. (This competition took until 2015 to complete, through no fault of the finalists.)

    Staff Catering in Keele Hall

    As you may be aware the SCR Committee worked with Catering in Keele Hall to look at ways in which they can deliver their lunchtime food offer.

    We are delighted that, as part of the agreement, existing SCR services and facilities were safeguarded with a 10% discount on all the meals for our members, on use of a Keele card to pay for the meal. Cards can currently be charged with money in Chancellor's Building, or online. A sample menu is attached, and under our Constitution temporary membership is available for others when buying from this range.

    We hope you'll agree that this is an ideal location for staff and SCR members to meet for lunch with colleagues and friends, and that it is also a great opportunity to raise awareness of the SCR itself. Food is served in both the Bar and the Common Room.

    Facebook Page

    The SCR has its own Facebook Page - members with facebook accounts are invited to 'like' this at

    SCR Golf Tournament for the Rolo Cup

    If you would like to play next year (2019/20), even if you are new to the competition, please let me know your handicap. If there is anyone else that you would like to invite to play, even if they are not employed by the University, please give me their details also. I hope to revive the competition in the coming year.

    Regards, Chris Adams, Chairman

    Burns Night 2012

    See the Piping of the Haggis here. Photos from 2013 may be seen on Facebook.

    Favourite Rambles of the Senior Common Room

    The SCR was delighted to announce the publication of a booklet by John Winchester, who led our rambles for so long, in which he describes and details the routes of 18 of his favourite rambles, within 60 miles of Keele. The SCR has acquired copies of this handy A5/pocket sized booklet, which are available for sale at £3 each. Copies may be purchased in the SCR Bar in Keele Hall, during opening hours, or will be sent out in the internal mail by request, on receipt of cheques payable to "SCR". (Please email to ask for postage rates if you need us to post a copy using Royal Mail.)

    As well as a written description and a map for each of the walks, John has also provided an introduction describing the area covered, and a handy section on the geological background and scenery to be experienced.

    As he says, the descriptions were correct at the time of writing (2008), and small changes in availability of pubs and footpaths may subsequently occur. Users should of course take this into account.

    SCR Committee