1. The Staff Common Room (formerly known as the Senior Common Room) exists to provide a meeting-place for all staff members of the University together with holders such approved posts as are listed in Section 2 of the Constitution and to promote such social activities as shall from time to time be deemed desirable.

  2. Membership

    There are four categories of membership:

    Emeritus and Associate Members shall not have voting rights, and at no time shall non-voting members exceed 15% of the total membership. The following persons and categories of persons shall be entitled to membership, and shall be admitted to membership two days after receipt of an application for membership:

  3. Ordinary Membership

    Those persons whose appointment in the University is presumed to be permanent (including those whose employment is subject to a probationary period) shall be entitled to Ordinary Membership.

  4. Associate membership

  5. Emeritus Membership

  6. Honorary Membership

    The privilege of Honorary Membership may be conferred on an individual by the resolution of a General Meeting of the Staff Common Room. Honorary Membership is offered to all members of Council.

  7. Awards of Associate Membership

    Any person not included in Rule 2(a) to (c) who in the opinion of the Committee should be admitted to membership of the Staff Common Room, may be offered Associate Membership by the Committee, providing that his case is submitted to the next General Meeting for consideration of what category of membership, if any, should be offered.

    Temporary Associate Membership may be awarded to visitors to the Common Room for periods of less than one academic semester, at such fee as may be agreed by the Committee, either as a group or individuals. Such temporary members shall have no rights other than use of the rooms and services of the Common Room.

  8. Guests

    Each member shall have the right to introduce up to four guests on any one occasion.

  9. Private Functions

    At its discretion the Committee may allow the use of room(s) for private functions by individual members and by orqanisations of suitable academic standing. A charge may be made for the use and cleaning of the rooms. Intoxicating liquor may be sold by the Staff Common Room to persons attending such functions for consumption on the precises up to a maximum of twelve functions a year. The Committee may authorise the holder of a Licence for the sale of alcohol to apply for an Occasional Licence for private functions.

  10. The Annual Subscription

    The Annual Subscription shall be determined from time to time by a General Meeting. It shall be payable in advance to the Treasurer. The current subscription is ten pounds p.a. for Ordinary Members and five pounds p.a. for Associate Members and Emeritus Members, payable at 1st October each year. There shall be no entrance fee.

  11. Officers

  12. Committee

    Committee Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting so that the total Committee Membership, including Officers, shall be at least ten.

  13. Annual General Meeting

    The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the Summer. The Officers and Committee shall be elected at this meeting and shall take office on 1st September following. The Treasurer shall present an audited Statement of the Accounts. These accounts for the previous Financial Year ending 31st July shall first be presented to the next available committee meeting for recommendation to the next AGM. In the interim they will posted on the SCR web site and comments requested.

  14. General Meetings

    Other General Meetings, including meetings for by-elections, shall be called at the discretion of the Committee.

  15. Special General Meetings

    A special General Meeting shall be convened by the Committee within 14 days of the receipt of a request signed by not fewer than 20 Ordinary Members.

  16. Notice of Meetings

    Notice of meetings and printed agenda shall be sent to all members entitled to attend and vote no later than two weeks before the date of the meeting, other than as provided in the case of Special General Meetings (Paragraph 15, above). A General Meeting which has been properly called and advertised shall be empowered to conduct such business as it deems essential.

  17. Constitutional amendments

    The Constitution may be altered by a proposal, duly seconded, and carried by a simple majority vote at a General Meeting of the Common Room. Such a proposal shall be notified to the Secretary ten clear days before the date of that meeting,

  18. Voting

    Voting shall be by show of hands. In cases of contested efections, the vote shall be taken in the absence of the nominees, A postal vote of the entire Ordinary membership to confirm or reverse a decision taken by a General Meeting will be taken only if requested by 50 Ordinary members of the Staff Common Room within seven days during term of the publication of the Minutes of that General Meeting. No postal vote shall be taken to reverse an election at a General Meeting.

  19. Rooms

    The Rooms of the Staff Common Room shall be open daily from 9.00 am to midnight.

  20. Licensing hours

    Monday to Saturday 11,30 am to 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm to 11.00 pm

    Sundays, Christmas Day and Good Friday 12 noon to 2.00 pm and 7.00 pm to 10.30 pm

  21. Liquor Committee

    There shall be a Liquor Committee which shall consist of the Principal Officers of the Staff Common Room (other than the President and Deputy President).