How the SCR is run

Keele Hall Gardens,  Stephen Clifford, August 2011

Inevitably the SCR is run by a committee. This is elected annually by the ordinary membership at the Annual General Meeting in the Summer, and takes office from the following 1 September. At the AGM reports are also given, and the Treasurer presents an audited statement of the accounts. The Committee meets six or more times during the academic year, and SCR members are welcome to raise items for discussion with the Secretary.

SCR Office

We are pleased to announce that the SCR has set up an office in Keele Hall. Initially this was in the old Snug adjacent to the Bar, but with the conversion of this to house a disabled lift we are now situated on the floor immediately above (Keele Hall Room 74). A PC has been installed with network access to the SCR's University financial systems, and to the database of room bookings. If a member of the Committee is in at lunchtime, this office will be available for use. The telephone number (not always manned) is (7)33954.

The Committee of the SCR for 2017/18


Vacant this year
Chair Dr Adam Stanton (Computing & Mathematics)
SecretaryDr Rachel Bright (History)
Treasurer Mr Stephen Clifford (Retired Member: c/o SCR)
Honourable Keeper of the BarDr John Butcher (Life Sciences)
Wine Stewards Dr David Cohen (Retired Member)
Mr Stephen Clifford (Retired Member)
Dr Adam Stanton (Computing & Mathematics)
Assistant Secretaries
Communications Professor Marilyn Andrews (Past President)
Miss Sarah Roberts (SAS Quality Assurance)
Dr Jacqueline Tickle (Science & Technology in Medicine)
Games Mr Chris Wain (Planning & Academic Administration)
Membership Miss Margaret Bird (Retired Member: c/o SCR)
Rambles Dr Terry O'Neill (Associate Member)
Social Dr Chris Adams (Life Sciences)
Treasures Dr Philip Kivell (Retired Member: c/o SCR)
Members Ms Ella Tennant (Language Centre)
Dr Cora Xu (Social Science and Public Policy)