Current SCR Room Bookings

Here are advance details of bookings of the SCR's rooms - also on display on the Bar and Breakfast Room Noticeboards: CURRENT STAFF COMMON ROOM BOOKINGS

Stephen Clifford, Hon Treasurer and Room Bookings Secretary, SCR

Charges for Members:

Use of the Common Room (with or without Breakfast Room) -

Please contact the Room Bookings Secretary (as above) to discuss the costs, availability and capacity of the rooms.

The SCR is unable to provide catering for events in its rooms, other than in the Bar in Bar opening hours, or any additional furnishings beyond those normally placed in the room. Members booking the rooms for a catered event should give CFM, the University's in house caterers, the first opportunity to quote. The SCR Wine Stewards are of course always happy to provide wines and glasses for members' events, and sale or return terms can be agreed.

Members should note that there may, of course, be other University events in progress at the same time in adjoining rooms. If you wish to use any electrical or other equipment of your own during the booking, this would need to be subject to a safety check by the University, with any cost being borne by yourself.

It is the SCR's working policy that, except in very exceptional circumstances (e.g. Degree Days), the room is not booked out all day on a weekday in semester-time, making the room unavailable for members' use.